Housing Needs


All refugees are able to work legally as soon as they arrive in the country (although practically employers require a Social Security number before they will offer a job).  Asylum seekers are given work permits 180 days after they officially applied for asylum, and they can then work as soon as their Social Security number arrives.

  • Right now our 29-year-old Congolese refugee is looking for retail/customer service jobs.  Full time, permanent would be best, but part-time work would be appreciated, too. He has great English language… and French language… abilities. He’s bright and a smart dresser, too!
  • Our 34-year-old man from North Africa has the equivalent of a Masters degree in communications.  He is fluent in four languages and is looking for a position where his considerable talents will be used.

If you have a job — or a lead — please contact us so we can put our client in touch with the potential employer.

Housing (general)

Housing is the ongoing, most pressing need for refugees trying to live in San Francisco.  Our clients have very limited income and cannot compete economically with high-income renters.

Refugees who come to the U.S. through this program are entirely documented and cleared by the government to be here. The Jewish Family and Children Services of the East Bay and the Guardian Group provide many social services needed during the first months of their arrival, and clients do receive a small amount of government assistance for their first 8 months.

Finding safe, affordable housing is the one piece that can make the difference for a newly arrived LGBT refugee. If you have a busy schedule, you can offer the housing and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you or someone you know has a room that you are willing to let a refugee live in for a period of one to several months, please let us know!

Empty nesters!  Successful techies with extra bedrooms!  Everyone!  We need your help!

For Ongoing Support

The Guardian Group routinely is asked to provide Clipper Cards for public transportation, fees for DMV, rent subsidies, food, sundries, and other basics of life.  Many of our clients need extensive dental work which public assistance does not cover.

Can you help support a refugee with a donation of cash?
Please enter your donation in the line labeled Refugee Guardian Group.

About Clothing and Household Goods

The Guardian Group appreciates the generous donation of furniture, appliances, clothing, and bedding to our refugees.  We have only limited storage space in the garage of one of our volunteers, and relay on ad hoc appeals for specific items when we know of a need.

Of course, if you have a great gift that you cannot store yourself, please contact us.  We will find a refugee who can use it immediately or store it if we can!

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