Guardian Group Adopts Policy and Procedures Manual

Title Page from the Guardian Group Policy and Procedures ManualThe Guardian Group Steering Committee recently adopted a set of policies for our work.

It’s a sign of maturity, I guess!

Since we started meeting in 2011, much of what we did and encountered were the new to us.  We didn’t have time to codify what we were doing, and it felt like everything was being experienced for the first time.

We tried to use common sense and relied on each other to come up with standards for each situation we ran into.  Fortunately, we didn’t have any blow-ups that resulted from our seat-of-our-pants work.  But, new volunteers were frustrated at the lack of any written guidelines, and we wanted people to have an easier time pitching in.

So, we have created a policy and procedures manual.  It’s only 7 pages with two additional pages for agreements on confidentiality and volunteering.  Those last two pages are forms we ask ourselves and our new volunteers to look over and sign.

Of course, creating these policies and procedures represent another “first time” experience for the group.  We expect we left things out and may have gotten some other things wrong.  So, if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to comment here or to contact us.

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