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Old-Fashioned Networking Works

Old-fashioned word-of-mouth, talk-to-friends networking has found just-in-time temporary housing for our 31-year-old asylum seeker from Tunisia.

A man who met Mr. T (the Tunisian) at an open house hosted by T’s host for a week, mentioned to someone he knows of our need.  Although the woman hadn’t met Mr. T. she responded by volunteering to let Mr. T stay with her until mid-September.


All done without the help of Mark Zuckerberg or the Twitter bird… although I very much appreciate how my friends helped spread the word of our plight online.

For now, we are off Red Alert!  Our sensors are scanning for a place in September (and that’s also the last month our refugee from the Congo at his present place.  I guess we are on Yellow Alert (which is better than Battlestar Galactica’s Condition Orange).

The lion in the photo is guarding the gardens a block away from Mr. T’s new place.

Lion Guarding Sutro Gardens

Lion guarding the gardens near our asylum seeker’s host’s home