Happy Green Card Day

Green CardMonday’s mail brought our first refugee, “F”,  his Green Card.  We’re thrilled!

The refugees the Guardian Group helps are on the path to citizenship as soon as they get into the country.  They are allowed to work as soon as they arrive, and they are allowed to apply for permanent resident status and get a Green Card one year after their arrival.  They are also allowed to apply for citizenship five years after their arrival.

So, this week’s delivery of our 24-year-old Iranian’s Green Card was not a surprise. But, it was a relief and gratifying.

The man has had identity problems caused by “helpful” bureaucracy in Turkey, and the US in understandably cautious about anyone who comes from Iran.  We didn’t know what could go wrong with our client, but the his application for a card was pending for almost a year.  Several other of our refugee clients who arrived after “F” received their Green Cards months ago, very soon after they submitted their application.

But, now he has the Green Card in hand.  And, we are delighted.

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