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Bureaucracy Works! Tunisian Gets His Green Card. Russian Given Asylum!

Two of the Guardian Group’s clients received great official news in the past week.

  • Our Tunisian asylee received his Green Card in the mail last Friday.  He is a permanent US Resident and on the path to citizenship!

    Our friend received official asylum status in October, 2012, and he was eligible to apply for a Green Card after a year.  He received his medical check ups and submitted the Green Card paperwork as soon as he could.

    Finally, last week he received the official document!


  • The 29-year-old Russian man who had been told by the Immigration Judge that he would be given asylum if he cleared his background check received official asylum status this Monday.


    He now has a two-year immigration document, permanent eligibility to work, and can apply for his Green Card in September, 2015.


We are very happy!

Happy News — Our Russian Man Was Granted Asylum

Russian Asylum Seeker at Pride

Our 29-Year-Old Asylum Seeker (now an Asylee!) marched in the 2014 Pride Parade

Good news from the immigration court today!

The 29-year-old gay man who fled his home in Siberia because he was persecuted for his sexual orientation was told at 1 pm today  that he has been granted asylum.  He will be able to stay in the United States, work, and obtain a Green Card a year from today.

Congratulations to him!

Thank you to his pro bono attorneys, too!

We are very happy.