Warplanes Over San Francisco Celebrate Fleet Week

This week is “Fleet Week” in San Francisco.  The US Navy assigns war ships to San Francisco and gives tours of the ships and generally shows off its power. In addition, the Navy’s exhibition flight group, The Blue Angels, offers a free air show on the Bay Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Blue Angels

The Navy’s Flight Demonstration team, the “Blue Angels” performs their delta formation over San Francisco Bay. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Ryan Courtade (RELEASED)

Starting today the Blue Angels will conduct practice flights over San Francisco.  They are really showing off and drumming up attention for the shows on the weekend.

Formations of fighter jets will be very low in the skies over San Francisco on and off through Sunday.  There will be moments of very loud flyovers and zooming airplanes.

Because the United States has not been the site of arm conflict in 160 years, the sight and sound of warplanes overhead thrills and excites children and adults.  It is showy and festive. It is not scary to the US population.

I realize that you come from areas where armed conflict is present and fighter jets overhead signals danger.  The planes don’t have that same meaning in San Francisco, fortunately.  Please do not be afraid when you see and hear the planes this weekend!

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